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"Ecker’s expressive, conversational vocal style works no matter what the genre . . ."  

Chip Withrow, The Muse's Muse Reviews


Enter the versatile, eclectic world of Patti Ecker, Chicagoland singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and energetic entertainer. Come on in and browse around--you'll find information on Patti's senior programs, kids' shows, old-time programs with L.J. Slavin, Steampunk shows,  original music and much more!

Here's a short video from Tom George Davison at Naper Settlement Civil War Days.


Here's a preview of the Kirk Player's upcoming production of "Spoon River Anthology." Details in the calendar widget!

Hey! I was on Chicago TV for the annual Rosehill Cemetary Veteran's Day ceremony! It's a really nice piece, and if you look closely, you can see Lt. Don Sherman (Mister Patti Ecker) in the parade. Watch for me at 1:23 singing "Yankee Doodle."


2008 Great American Song Contest Finalist for "Elsie"

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