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Clubs & Senior Groups

"...charming!" "I love your enthusiasm!" "...a refreshing change from our usual programs!" "... a true entertainer!

Residents at The Holmstad, Batavia, IL

Are you looking for something a little different for your group or residence? Would you like to sing along, have some fun, reminisce and experience a warm and refreshing performance? Music can bring out the best in people of all ages. Patti Ecker provides distinctive, interactive programs and plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, Irish Drum and even the musical spoons!


Award-winning performer Patti Ecker accompanies her expressive contralto voice with parlor guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, Irish drum and often brings out the musical spoons for a special treat. A veteran of concerts and cafes, Patti has also been a teaching artist for the prestigious Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. She is currently on the Illinois Humanities Council Road Scholars program roster for "Spoon River Anthology." She provides a variety of performances for schools, museums, libraries and park districts around the Chicagoland area.

 Old Folks at Home Sing-along!



"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated your performance February 2, 2016, at the Highland Park Woman's Club!

The ladies really liked your program and were very entertained!

Personally, I enjoyed your performance as well. I loved the Parlor Guitar and I have a soft spot for the banjo. A few of the other ladies told me they also especially like the banjo. You have a unique voice and sang beautifully. Hopefully, you will visit us again!"

          Janet Ugaste,President, Highland Park Woman's Club

"You don't want to miss this show! Wait until you experience Patti's many musical talents. She will impress you with her voice as well as astound you with her musical abilities on the guitar, banjo, ukulele and more. Be early and bring a friend!" 

 Katie Sullivan, Cordia Senior Residences

"Patti has been coming and entertaining our Reminiscence residents for just a short time, but it has grown into a wonderful event that our Assisted Living comes to now. Patti makes it very interactive--everyone gets a chance to be a part of the show. From touching and drumming drums to shaking the egg shakers to her songs, we all look forward to her being here. It has been a blast. Thank You Patti!!!!"

Shannon Chrapkowski, Emeritus of Orland Park

"Patti sang here at The Village at Victory Lakes for our St. Patrick's parties. I say parties (plural) because she spent the day with us. First performing at our Continuing Care in the morning, then off to Assisted Living in the afternoon and with enough steam left, she performed in our Independent Living in the evening. What energy and talent. We will be sure to have her back for some of her other programs."

Cathy L. Reilly Life Enrichment Coordinator Village At Victory Lakes Lindenhurst, IL


"Patti’s energy and enthusiasm pleases all ages."

 Renae Delles, Sunnymere

I was on Chicago TV for the annual Rosehill Cemetary Veteran's Day ceremony! It's a really nice piece, and if you look closely, you can see Lt. Don Sherman (Mister Patti Ecker) in the parade. Watch for me at 1:23 singing "Yankee Doodle."

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