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The Vagabond Musicologist

Miss Patti E, The Vagabond Musicologist, is a Chicago-land singer accomplished on guitar, banjo, banjolele and musical spoons.  With her Grand Voice, Astounding Energy and Saucy Wit, her lively performances engage audiences of all ages. Selections for recitals will include songs generously provided by her Illustrious Acquaintances Alexander Graham Cracker, Sir Godfrey Arthur, Sultan El Vis Prez Ali, the Venerable Bob Fossil and other Notable Personages. Join Miss Patti with her Marvelous Contraption, Carte Blanche, to explore the mysteries of melody and rhythm - and the time-traveling properties of song!

Photo of Carte Blanche


You may ask, "What the deuce is Steampunk?" Take a peek at Stonefield's Wild West Steampunk Festival Trailer for a teaser. Miss Patti E at :52

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Upcoming Shows

  • May 30
    Belmont Village Buffalo Grove,  Buffalo Grove
  • Jun 1
    Long Grove Historical Society,  Long Grove
  • Jun 6
    Sunrise of Willowbrook,  Willowbrook
  • Jun 10
    Belmont Village Buffalo Grove,  Buffalo Grove
  • Jun 21
    Sunrise of Wilmette,  Wilmette

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Phone 847-803-9669

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